Bridge Lessons

wednesday evening

Any group of four people can sit around a table and enjoy playing bridge for hours and years without any instruction. The principles are very simple.

But to get the most out of the game, and play competitively in a club, you need to learn some basics.

This is where our beginners course bridge lessons come in - currently 7-9pm, Wednesday evenings - £50 per block of 11 lessons (three blocks of lessons in total making 33 weeks).

You will be asked to invest in the "Red Book", by the English Bridge Union. The bible of learning bridge and your guide to mastery of the modern game.

Plus complement this by practicing at home with online resources such as:
Bridge Base Online for unlimited practice hands, or a smart phone app such as Bridge by NeuralPlay.

Class of '23

Twenty-eight new starters join us from our 2023 beginners course. Ready to forget what they have learned and make all the usual mistakes! Our bridge lessons begin in January. Express an interest on joining us next year by emailing Steve here:


Beginners Bridge Course

Our Beginners Course, devised by the English Bridge Union, comprises 33 fun and informal weekly sessions split into 3 terms of eleven weeks. This will build your game from the ground up and will give you the confidence and skills to compete in a club environment. Thirty-three weeks sounds like a long time but its not really, to learn a new skill from scratch. And if it were easy then it would soon become dull. Each lessons is 15 minutes of new concepts with the rest of the time given to practice play to illustrate what we've learned. By the end of the course you wil have a strong grounding in the fundamentals to build on during regular play.

NEW: Due to popular demand anyone can pay a table fee (£3/£5 members/non-members) to attend any individual lesson.

First Term

  • Introduction. Plus Minibridge!
  • The Trump Suit
  • Declaring
  • Defending
  • Play Some Minibridge
  • Beginning to Bid & 1NT
  • Recap Week
  • Bidding 1 No Trump
  • Bidding 1 of a Suit
  • Playing 1 of a Suit
  • Change of Suit Responses

Second Term

  • Recapping
  • Recapping
  • Practice Play
  • Rebid with Strong Hands
  • Rebid with Strong Balanced Hands
  • Recap & Play
  • Recap. Plus Defense
  • The "Bond Hand". Playing Trumps
  • Recap Week
  • Loose Ends including 4-4-4-1's
  • Competitive Bidding

Third Term

  • Defence
  • More on Defence
  • Your First Conventional Bid - the Take Out Double
  • Overcall 1NT
  • Your Second Convention - Stayman
  • More on Bidding
  • Opening 2NT & 2c
  • Weak 2 Bids
  • Slam Bidding
  • Preemptive Bids
  • Competitive Bidding